Challenge & Opportunity

We see the industry/ies of assembly, quality control, testing, packaging, kitting, and fulfillment as fragmented and with few regulations. These tasks are labor-intensive and, therefore, maintain healthy profit margins.

Concurrently, our society has significant numbers of struggling segments seeking a work environment understanding of their history and realities.


Our Approach

Orsus will integrate these two challenges based on:

Proven acquisition growth models
(i.e. Taylor Corp, Waste Management, Blockbuster)

Socially attractive mission

Public and private incentives

Orsus intends to build a packaging, assembly, fulfillment company that is:



exportable to multiple national markets

socially responsible

Beginning in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Orsus will make acquisitions in the assembly, testing, packaging, and fulfillment industries.  


Social Component

Orsus’ mission statement emphasizes and features the hiring of ex-military and nonviolent ex-offenders for its work force.


Industry Focus: Assembly, Packaging & Fulfillment

Assembly work offers highly skilled positions with higher pay for advancement and employees with advanced training skills.

Packaging & Fulfillment work provides low skilled work and a fair wage to those with little training or work history.

The keys to success are superior quality control and delivery times.


Growth Strategy

Orsus will grow using its publicly trading stock as the capital to make fair offers for small/medium sized companies while maintaining cash for operations.



Hundreds of small and medium sized privately held companies fill this space; from small, marginal family businesses with very few customers to larger, well run and profitable companies.  


Acquisition Strategy

Orsus will form an acquisition/integration plan & start multiple conversations with companies to structure an exit strategy for them.  Orsus will pursue acquisition of those companies that have a criteria that fit our model: a niche, human resources, customers, or services.


Key Issues

There are several key issues that Orsus would need to solve to thrive:

Providing special human resource services to Orsus employees (PTSD episodes, breaking the pattern of life outside the law, etc)

Providing a gain-sharing program that includes the company’s publicly traded stock, once they are vested

Developing protocol and a quality management team to acquire and seamlessly integrate and operate new acquisitions



Packaging, fulfillment, and assembly are related and highly fragmented industries, with high-margin niche markets, and profitable when operated efficiently.  

Orsus will acquire or attract the management and operational talent required to operate the parent company and integrate each new acquisition.

Orsus’ publicly traded stock will provide an attractive exit plan for many small & medium sized privately held businesses seeking an exit with better multiples and a growth and cash promise.

Even small (500k to 3M) companies are operating at or near break-even and will be attractive and available acquisition / partner candidates under Orsus’ acquisition plan.  

Larger & more distant companies are future potential acquisition candidates, and can become part of our acquisition search plan, but not to start with.

Community and political support provide positive attention, programs, and policies that will accrue to the company and its employees and offset added costs of Orsus’ social mission.

Gaining access to other markets and niche business will become easier with each new acquisition, as the growth of the candidate database and simple repetitive nature of the business is polished and executed in every transaction (and if /when expanded, each new city).



Keeping customers happy & loyal requires a management team and workforce that can provide fast and consistent service. Finding the right people & building effective teams will be a first priority.

The U.S. manufacturing sector is experiencing an uptick and this could make the cost of acquisition higher.  


Six To Twelve Month Board Plan

Assemble Team 1 (Acquisitions) and agree on the mission, structure, and strategy then raise initial funding

Define the criteria for acquisition targets and find / acquire the first candidate.

Simultaneously identify and engage Team 2 (Operations) for due diligence, integration, operations, and transition.

Execute the larger search, engage the community, become publicly traded, and grow the business.


Board of Directors

Mike Tikkanen
Mr. Tikkanen, Founder and President of Packard Group Inc, offering searches, research, and analysis for buyers and sellers of businesses.  He has completed over 100 transactions and created proprietary tools and process for discovering acquisition candidates that fit measurable, predetermined acquisition criteria. Mr. Tikkanen’s history with multiple client companies in the fulfillment, packaging, and assembly industries and search specialties are a solid fit into the growth strategy of Orsus.

Damon Kocina.
Mr. Kocina, Founder and President of Strategic Graphics, Inc., a marketing/advertising firm with a niche in national product launches, most notably for Firestone Building Products and Duracell. He is also concurrently a partner in 4spective, Inc.; a partner in Impression Delivery, Inc.; on the advisory board of Packard Group, Inc.; on the advisory board of, and providing pro bono services to, Kids At Risk Action, a 501c3 organization dedicated to the promotion of at-risk youth issues.

Craig S. Laughlin.
Mr. Laughlin is the Founder, Owner, and President of SRC Funding, Inc.  Past positions as Chairman and Secretary of Merlin Marketing International, Inc.; director of Gold Standard Medical, Inc.; Officer and Director of Dinewise, Inc. (formerly SimplaGene USA, Inc.); and Director, President, & CFO of publicly held Dotronix, Inc.


Contact Mike Tikkanen at 952.542.9318 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it