Acquisition & Joint Venture Training

Packard offers services to guide progressive companies through the foundational work required to develop More and Better Candidates. We offer On-Site, Off-Site, and Online services.

Preview: Analysis & Understanding of your acquisition strategy, team, and history

Enhance the Foundation of Your Team, Build Your Criteria Model, & Begin Finding Your Candidates

Process, Tools, Roles, & Responsibilities

Defining Search & Measurable Rankings for criteria 'needs' and criteria 'wants'

Optimizing current activity and process

Identify industry verticals, horizontals, and tangential pools of likely candidates

Create the Introductory Message & Build Contact Pools

The Rules of Contact & Introduction

Finding, Contacting, & Managing Multiple Candidates

Contact Pool Pre-Search

Data Management Strategy

Many deals don't make it to the closing & poorly chosen candidates are the single greatest cause for transaction results like these:

83% fail to create a sustainable competitive advantage (Wharton)

66% fail to add shareholder value (Harvard)

60% destroy company value (Deloitte)

A planned and practiced approach to candidate selection can maneuver you past the stereotypical pitfalls to achieve low risk growth, leverage, and profitability.

Define measurable candidate criteria that fit your company specifically and build an effective tool that ranks & defines targets.

Access the best interactive online web-tools for compiling and managing critical information.

Discover and Contact non-brokered companies chosen specifically to your corporate criteria†(and receive opt-ins from multiple qualified candidates).

Our training and services are†designed around your companyís needs†and specifications and will increase your corporate teamís effectiveness.

For more information, contact Mike Tikkanen at 952.542.9318