Services Overview

With more than 30 years and 100+ engagements of experience, Packard Group has evolved into the go-to solution for business owners.


We provide:


Better Candidates


Superior search/research tools to increase the quality and quantity of candidates while lowering risk and waste.

Drastically reduce wasted time and money by focusing on only those candidates that score strongly against your candidate criteria. Our broad, campaign approach finds adjacencies and opportunities that are virtually all off-the-market and unbrokered.



Joint Venture


Finding the right partner to create a successful joint venture takes experience, process, and skill.


Maybe you're not ready to get out or maybe adding that missing piece is what amplifies your company's worth down the road, but some component has the promise of taking you to the next level. Packard is uniquely suited to scoping the need and bringing the best joint venture partners to your door.


Taking on a partner, large or small, is an extremely volatile path with great risks and rewards. Get expert guidance. Working together, our non-brokered services identify and research those partner candidates that fit your specific situation.



Acquisition Research


Proprietary tools like Criteria Modeling and Spectrum Contact put you in conversations with the best candidates.


Working with you and your team, Packard does the initial acquisition research to locate and contact the most appropriate target companies.


Packard offers a personalized proprietary process, a full-service, multi-step acquisition search program that executes over a six month period and produces multiple qualified candidates. This proven, personalized process will get you started in the right direction.


The biggest benefit to working with us is: no more wasting your time chasing dead ends. Our non-brokered research approach helps you control the process & leverage your resources to complete more successful deals.


Because that's what it's all about, after all.



Online Solutions


Learn where to find and how to engage … just the right target candidates for the best outcome.


Experience our Personalized Online Acquisition Web Clinic to connect to the right tools and process for finding the best candidates.


Our process lowers acquisition risk and stops you from wasting your time chasing dead ends.