The best of Packard Acquisitions research process & tools are available in presentations, online webinars, and non-brokered engagement options to leverage your team and current efforts towards low risk - high value transactions.

Working together, we create a powerful process that finds great candidates & won't waste your time.



Short Webinar

Interactive webinar for teams or one-on-one to outline Packard's processes and tools to minimize acquisition risk and maximize success.
No charge.


Acquisition One on One Coaching

Customized to you & your firm's current talent, tools & process.  Preworkshop homework assignment.

Preparation / Workshop & tool building / Post Coaching / Acquisition Tools & Process Workbook
Lower The Risk & Quit Wasting Time


Acquisition Candidate Building Workshop

Builds criteria measurement tool / database building / contact. Pre-workshop homework assignments.
Customized to client's specific industry and needs.

Prep Sessions / Workshop & Database Building With Ongoing Support


Find Non-Brokered Qualified Targets & Manage The Process Effectively

90 – Minute Online Short Course
Review Your Current Corporate Strategy Learn New Tools & Process & Do The Work On Your Own
Preparation / Acquisition Tools & Process Workbook / 90 Minutes of Online Interactive
Improve Your Company’s Current Strategy& Odds For Success