Better Candidates

Superior search/research tools to increase the quality and quantity of candidates while lowering risk and waste.



Sale & Joint Venture

A unique, powerful, non-brokered approach to finding buyers and joint venture partners for your company.



Acquisition Research

Proprietary tools like Criteria Modeling and Spectrum Contact put you in conversations with the best candidates.



Online Solutions

Learn where to find and how to engage … just the right target candidates for the best outcome.



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A Non-Brokered Research Approach To Acquisition, Sale, & Joint Venture

Packard Group stands apart from the crowd, with a proprietary process honed over 30 years and 100+ successful results, we not only get it done - but more importantly, we get it done with better outcomes for our clients...


Happily Ever After

Knowing that your team has the best tools, process, & strategy makes the journey far less risky and much less worrisome.

It will still be a bumping ride at times, negotiations can be contentious, and you could get a few more gray hairs ... but anyone that tells you these undertakings are without risk, tension, and emotional swings is not planning on doing the work.


But when the dust settles and you've completed the next successful acquisition, or a strategic joint venture, ...that's when we'll wish you well on your next chapter.

Happy Owner


You don't have to take our word for it ... the business owners who have gone before you say it pretty nicely...


Money Myths

Valuation is key to all transactions; does 1 + 1 = 3?  Outside valuations are outside valuations.  Internal Valuations are what matter.

Our weighted averages criteria modeling assures you that candidates have value to your firm.